5 great ideas for tweets

So you’ve decided on the objective for your Twitter use and you’ve set up your profile. So now it’s time to post and your mind has gone blank. I’d strongly suggest that you produce a content plan which includes content type and dates. Below are a few ideas that will help with your Twitter marketing and customer services. The main thing to bear in mind is that you need to ‘put your audience first’ and to provide them with value.

1) Ask questions – Start conversations with questions. You can then get to know your audience better. Seek opinions and ask people what they’re up to. If you’re not sure of what type of content your audience is looking for them then why not ask?

2) Provide answers – Good customer services means answering questions from customers with complete answers. On Twitter people expect an answer from a business or brand within a few hours. You could also publish answers that you’re provided in the past that customers have found useful.

3) Tweet tips – The fact that the characters are limited to 140 per tweet ensures that you have to be concise. But that’s enough rooms for short tips related to the service you provide. Still stuck? Everyone likes IT tips.

4) Publicise your events – Use Twitter to provide information about your upcoming events eg workshops, conferences, open days etc. Provide useful information and include a link to a booking form or the event website. Encourage your audience to publicise your event by creating a hashtag. More on hashtags in this #tweetthat video.

5) Publish photos and videos – Photos and videos are displayed best on Google+, followed by Facebook and then Twitter. However, you can still provide value and engage people by tweeting photos and videos. Twitter.com and most mobile apps now display photos and videos inline so they’re displayed automatically and can really enhance a tweet. See example below:

view full tweet on Twitter

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