YouTube launches new redesign

YouTube has started to roll out a redesigned Home Page, a new Channel design and a new look across the whole site. The new Home Page includes a personalised channel list on the left and the ability to customise your Feed. Perhaps most significant is stronger integration with Google+ and Facebook and you can now see what your friends are sharing from these networks.

There is further integration on each video with the ability to watch with a friend or client using Google+ hangouts. PRO TIP: you could talk a client through a training video and answer any queries they may have.

Channels can now be customised with your brand, logo and profile pic. You can also connect up Google+ (yet more integration with Google’s new social network) and Facebook which encourages your YouTube visitors to engage with you on these networks. Links to any of your websites can be added which is great for attracting visitors to your sites and probably good for search engine optimisation (SEO) too – read a tip on this. Finally, you have more choice in how your channel is arranged so for example you can decide which video your visitors see first.

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