Using Foursquare as a city guide

Last week I was on holiday in Zagreb and found Foursquare really valuable. It helped identify places that looked interesting to visit, provided me with directions to them and then gave me advice on the venue and what to do there. To identify places to visit I used Lists that others – thanks @IvanKovacevic3 and @kinoeuropa – had created such as Hip Bars in Zagreb and Art-house cinemas in Zagreb. I also compiled a Places to visit in Zagreb list which was added to by @fertilityflower. A great feature of Foursquare lists is that they can be added to by anybody who has a venue they’d like to suggest. Once I’d decided on a venue to visit I used the directions feature to find my way there. As long as the Foursquare page or Google Maps for more details was loaded this worked with GPS only – no need for WiFi or expensive roaming charges. On arriving at the venue and hopefully finding WiFi I could check-in and use tips that others had added to decide what to eat and drink. Unfortunately, I missed the tip about the dodgy cappuccino at the airport before it was too late! From a venue’s point of view this is great free way to attract customers to your venue. I’m not the only tourist or visitor using Foursquare in this way. So if you’re a bricks and mortar business ensure your venue page is up to date and complete with links to your website and Twitter account. Find our more at Foursquare for Business.

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