Twitter competition raises the bar

Cheltenham company Jaz Media has run a contest that raises the bar for Twitter competitions which provides companies with plenty of lessons they can learn from.

With Twitter competitions so easy to setup, they are becoming more and more popular as a way for brands to engage with their followers. So popular in fact that many are ignored when they pass through readers’ timelines.

Dom Oxley and Tayabali Tomlin take part in #jazselfie competition
Tayabali Tomlin’s #JazSelfie

Jaz Media came up with an cunning idea that was sure to get people to take part – give them free chocolate! Now I love chocolate, but it’s not the only thing I like about their #JazSelfie competition and which contributed to its success:

1) Entrants were encouraged to get involved offline as well as online. Charleigh and Dominic from Jaz Media went out and about to spread the word amongst Cheltenham businesses and organisations. This ensured that plenty of people would enter and it was a great way to spread awareness of their company and as Managing Director Stella Barnes says, ‘find hidden gems in our local area’.

2) As well as online awareness, offline awareness was raised through a printed booklet explaining the competition and describing Jaz Media’s services was distributed with to competition entrants.

3) The competition tapped into the current popular trend of taking selfies, so was likely to be popular.

4) People were encouraged to take photos of themselves with their chocolate, thus spreading the word about Jaz Media for Jaz Media.

5) Entrants were encouraged to use the services of Jaz Media with a £25 voucher redeemable against services, an offer that Russell Beard @rbsquarebana took advantage of.

6) As well as the voucher, entrants were engages by receiving a free bar of chocolate and a selfie poster.

Uni of Glos SU winning entry
#JazSelfie winning entry from Uni of Glos SU

There were some impressive results from the campaign with 55 retweets and 28 tweets favourited demonstrating that the competition raised awareness of Jaz Media both locally and nationally.Gloucestershire University SU @uniofglos won the #JazSelfie competition with 16 RTs and for their prize received chocolate, a selfie ball, 1000 A5 flyers, selfie poster and £250 Jaz Media Voucher.

You can see the full set of entries on Jaz Media’s Selfie Seekers board.

If you’ve had any success with Twitter competitions or have noticed any interesting examples please let me know.

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