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THE #SocialToday SHOW – 8 August

Here’s THE #SocialToday SHOW with my insights on the week’s social media news including exciting new features from social networks including Instagram Stories and Twitter Unlock cards plus regular features:

  • Question time – What’s your biggest issue when it comes to social media? – please post your answer in the Comments
  • My number of the week – 74. The age of Mavis Williams aka #OlympicNan
  • Tools talk – we take a look at Sanebox (hat tip to Felicity Read of Leapfrog PR for this one)
  • And finally – find out the room at Facebook HQ that even Mark Zuckerberg can’t access

The SHOW is aimed at small business owners and people who work with social media but anyone is welcome to watch the recording below:

Useful links from today’s show

Twitter Dashboard

Example of new LinkedIn Influencer videos – What’s the #1 thing founders should avoid doing in a pitch meeting?

Mavis Williams aka #OlympicNan Twitter profile @mavise42Mavis 

Get $5 off Sanebox

Upcoming social media workshops

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THE #SocialToday SHOW

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