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The Social Media Weekly: Instagram is testing Shop ads

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Instagram launch Shop ads

Instagram is testing Shop ads. Both single image and carousel ads will launch with an auction-based model and will only appear on mobile as Instagram Shop is a mobile-only feature. For now, select US advertisers have access to the ads including Fenty Beauty which sits in the popular beauty shopping category.

Instagram is working on new Lists feature. If users add people to the list, they will be able to mute both their Posts and Stories.

Instagram is working to increase the resolution of videos recorded by the app’s camera from 720p to 1080p.

Instagram has just launched a new Limits tool to restrict unwanted interactions. The tool will allow users to hide comments and direct message requests from those who do not follow them or have only recently started following them.


Facebook is adding 3 new features to Facebook Dating; Audio Dating, Match Anywhere and Lucky Pick.

Facebook has updated its ‘Transfer Your Information’ tool. Facebook now allows the transfer of a new data type, Facebook Events, and includes two new upload destinations: Photobucket and Google Calendar in addition to the transfer of photos and videos to Google Photos.


Twitter has had a bit of a makeover. There’s the new Chirp, colours are now high contrast and a lot less blue, new high contrast button colours, there’s more space plus gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines have been removed. It’s the start of what Twitter calls a ‘visual evolution’.

Comment: As with many social network changes, this one hasn’t gone down well with the majority of users. Many with accessibility issues are complaining the text is hard to read and causing eye strain and headaches.

Twitter is working on an option to remove followers from your Followers list.

Speakers, hosts and co-hosts on Spaces now have a raised hand emoji. Unlike other reaction emojis, which disappear, the raised hand stays persistent until you lower it or unmute.

Twitter is working on introducing Pinned Conversations within Direct Messages.


As mentioned in The Social Media Weekly previously, the addition of ratings and reviews to the Services section have been tested on LinkedIn Profiles and the feature is now being rolled out. LinkedIn members who have enabled Services will now be able to request and manage reviews from clients.

Comment: I don’t have this feature yet on my LinkedIn Services section but it’s coming soon. Do you have it and will you use it? It certainly looks like a useful addition.

LinkedIn is optimizing its “People You May Know” feature to improve connection suggestions for those with smaller networks as well as high profile members.


TikTok creator accounts are being merged into personal accounts, which will now offer creator tools.

TikTok have introduced a number of privacy and safety improvements for young people.


Snapchat is working on linking the friends list to the phone’s Contacts. Once linked you will have the possibility to start a chat, a call or a video call directly from the address book, just like you can with WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is working on status updates on the Contact info page, like Twitter Fleets.

“Friends Are Family” is available now as new WhatsApp sticker pack, on WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

WhatsApp is redesigning the interface to put emojis on images, videos and GIFs on its Android app. The same interface is already available on WhatsApp for iOS.

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