Stead and Simpson struggles with Twitter

For a well known high street shoe retailer, Stead and Simpson surprisingly fails to take advantage of many of the benefits that Twitter offers. Here are 5 ways in which the profile and use of the account can be improved.

1) Add a Twitter header image: The header provides a background area for the Stead and Simpson logo to fit into. Rather than plain black company branding could be used.

2) Add a background design: Another opportunity for company branding is the background which like the header is plain black. Stead and Simpson contact details, website URL and photos of the person/s tweeting on a corporate style background could be added.

3) Tweet more often: Tweets are sporadic with gaps of 5 days or more not uncommon, including a gap of over a week at the end of May. Regular tweets would provide greater exposure for Stead and Simpson.

4) Interact: It appears that there is no conversation; not a single reply to a comment or answers to questions about the brand and its products.

5) Tweet more pictures: People are engaged by photos and images yet these are rare. The last photo was tweeted back in February.

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