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e-learning social media courses

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Succeed At Your Social Media Bootcamp e-learning social media course testimonial

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LinkedIn For Business e-learning course

Do you want to learn how to implement a successful social media strategy for their business using LinkedIn? This 90 minute e-learning LinkedIn course is full of useful information and practical tips such as optimising your profile which you can implement and benefit from straight away. If you’re looking to increase your sales, improve your career or grow your network this e-learning course is for you. This course covers the standard free version of LinkedIn. If you’d like information of LinkedIn’s premium ‘paid’ subscriptions read LinkedIn Premium – Is This Cost Worth It?

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Module 1: LinkedIn Overview
Module 2: How to optimise your Profile
Module 3: How to optimise your Page
Module 4: How to connect and follow
Module 5: How to create engaging posts and articles
Module 6: How to improve your messaging – Free Preview
Module 7: How to find a job using LinkedIn
Module 8: Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
Module 9: LinkedIn Stories overview

Module 6: How to improve your messaging – Watch and learn now

More e-learning social media courses will be published here in due course with Instagram for Business coming soon.

Quick skills ‘How to’ videos

Watch the Playlists of short videos below to learn a new skill or tip that will help you make the most of LinkedIn and Instagram. Quick Skills videos for other social networks coming soon. Would you like to suggest a Quick Skills video? Then get in touch with your suggestion.

LinkedIn Quick Skills

How to Record and Send A Voice Message on LinkedIn plus many more ‘how to videos

Instagram Quick Skills

These e-learning social media courses and quick skills videos are brought to you in collaboration with NILC. To view the wide range of social media training courses I deliver for NILC, both in the classroom and virtually, please visit Social Media Training Courses on the NILC website.