Social Media News snippets: 13 Aug-26 Aug

Brands Facebook Ads to appear more often – Facebook has changed it’s advertising policy, increasing the number of times an ad from the same brand can appear on a user’s News Feed from once to twice per per day. As before, if a user has Liked the brand’s Page, ads can appear up to four times. The overall number of ads remains the same. The change gives brands more opportunity to engage with people who are they are not yet connected with and to encourage them to connect with their Page.

Content from people you don’t follow now in Twitter timelines – Tweets has recently started to add tweets to your timeline that have been favourited by people you follow. This is a major departure from the ‘social network standard’ of all news feed or timeline content originating from people you are connected with. It’s a bold move by Twitter and as well as providing more content for users, allows increased opportunities for advertisers whose favourited promoted tweets will appear in time lines.

SlideShare PRO feature is now free – It’s not often that a social network removes a charge, but that’s just what SlideShare has done by making its PRO service free for existing subscribers. As discussed in Why you need to check out SlideShare? there are plenty of benefits to what is now much more than a document repository. Analytics, Private Uploads, Videos and Profile Customization will be rolled out to all SlideShare users in the coming months with Leadshare (capture of emails via slide decks and documents) incorporated into LinkedIn’s enterprise solution.

Vine allow video uploads –  You can now upload video taken on other devices and apps onto 6 second video service Vine, where they can be edited prior to publication. Vine, owned by Twitter, has been growing fast but this change will encourage more users to sign up with most Smartphone users having video they can upload to the service. The change also allows existing users to be more creative.

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