Racing UK fail its customers on Twitter

According to a November survey by NMIncite, customers who receive a quick and effective response on social media are three times (71%) more likely to recommend the brand, compared to just 19% who will still recommend the brand if they don’t receive a response. Yet, there are businesses who don’t respond to customers at all. My latest example of poor use of Twitter comes from my own experience with @Racing_UK, although I’m not the only viewer whose issues have been ignored by the UK Horse Racing TV Broadcaster.

As a subscriber to Racing UK, you can watch the channel on 3 devices (more, if you pay a supplement) with the Anywhere service. I choose to watch on TV, mobile phone and iPad. For some reason, the iPad wouldn’t broadcast RUK, as it’s also known, and displayed an error message stating it wasn’t a authorised device, even though the website confirmed it was.

So, I tweeted:

I’ve since resolved the issue following great helpful advice from Mike Webb @cretangift. whose requests for help were ignored by RUK. Mike’s requests for help were also ignored but we weren’t the only ones.

It’s good social media and customer services practice for a business to listen on Twitter to answer questions and help resolve any issues. In this case, Racing UK were listening but choose to ignore its customers, which has to fall into the category of a Twitter and customer services ‘fail’.

Whilst seemingly not having the time or resources to respond to customers, @Racing_UK did find the time to publicise itself to potential new ones by retweeting a message mentioning its Everywhere service.

The above experience would suggest that it’s Racing UK policy to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing  but not for customer services but the two are closely linked and this policy could well affect their acquisition and retention of customers. Social Media is a two way communication channel; shouting and not listening is not to be recommended.

To add salt to the wound, @Gregor31, another customer with the same issue, informs me that monthly subscriptions are going up by £1.70 from March.

Have you experienced poor customer services on social media? Let me know in the Comments below.

Update on 27/1/2014: Great to hear the following in an email from RUK today:  “Going forward we will look into replying to tweets in a more timely fashion.”

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