Pinterest tip – Ask questions

Regular readers and delegates at my workshops will know that I advocate asking questions on social networks to engage your audience. When presented with a question it’s only natural to want to answer whether it’s on the social web or face to face. A good open ended question is a great conversation starter.

On Pinterest you can ask people questions in the descriptions of your pins (photos, videos etc) which will encourage people to comment on them. You should also ask people to like your pins. This approach creates interaction which makes the content of your boards more visible across Pinterest. After people have commented you can reply and start to get to know them and build relationships.

As with all social media if you engaging your audience a percentage of them are likely to become customers or clients.

You can find out more about Pinterest at the 2 hour workshops I run in Cheltenham. The next two are 27 June and 15 August and cost £47 per person.

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