Pinterest site promotes blog and website

A great example of a Pinterest board integrating nicely with a blog and website is the Concept Store. Hat tip to @alex_kitch for flagging it up. The Pinterest board and blog are visual feasts with a whole range of great design, furniture, wallpaper, jewellery and print pics. The photos and scans are not just from their own blog and website but from other sites too, some of which could be considered competitors. The focus is very much on displaying beautiful content and engaging visitors rather than sales. As well as the photos, the Pinterest board re-inforces competitions on the blog with pins of the details. This encourages Pinterest visitors to visit the blog for more information and to enter.


In fact, out of numerous items on this board only one has a price displayed. Pro-tip: To display a price on Pinterest add the £ or $ sign in the description followed by the amount. The price will then be displayed on the top left of your pin.

I’m running workshops on Pinterest in May and June where I’ll demonstrate how to use Pinterest to promote your brand and products. Pinterest can provide huge benefits particularly if your product is visual eg furniture, cupcakes and fashion

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