Learn about M5 Bridge Works on Facebook

An innovative use of Facebook comes from the Highways Agency with their Facebook Page for the M5 Bridge Works, which is being promoted on road signs near the works. The Page provide updates of the maintenance and details of road closures. The works are described as ‘A comprehensive package of bridge safety improvements and maintenance to benefit road users on the M5 near Gloucester.’

M5 Bridge Works maintenance

Using a Facebook Page over a website has the following advantages:

  • No need for drivers to visit Highways Agency website – they can receive updates in their News Feed.
  • Easier to find required information on Facebook as the Highways Agency website has loads of content.
  • Easy for drivers to ask questions and feedback on the works (although it’s a shame that some questions appear not to been answered).
  • Easily viewable photos of the maintenance and safety improvements.
  • Video updates on progress (although it’s a pity this is barely audible).
If you have any interesting examples of Facebook being used by businesses and organisations, please let me know or post in the Comments below.


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