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Stat of the day

Meta’s social VR platform Horizon now has 300,000 users.

Source: Meta

Industry news

Facebook Metaverse: Privacy Nightmare or Vision of the Future?www.cmswire.com

Meta’s Metaverse could be a new era in digital interaction — or a privacy nightmare waiting to unfold.

Content in motion: how brands can break boundaries with social entertainment www.thedrum.com 

 For many marketers, video was once considered a costly endeavour reserved primarily for tentpole and marquee campaigns. Now, it has become the primary method in which consumers — particularly Gen Z — express themselves, communicate with others, and make their purchasing decisions. At the heart of this shift is short-form video and social entertainment, which presents one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, turning points for marketers since the dawn of social media.

Top new features


I’ve just spotted the new Twitter Reply Downvote button on Android…not on my iPad yet. You can let Twitter know when the reply isn’t adding to the conversation. Downvotes are private and won’t be shared with author or on the timeline.

Other new features


You can now keep your important DM conversations easily accessible by pinning them. Pin up to six conversations and they will stay at the top of your DM inbox.


Meta are trialling new audio suggestions with a splash screen selecting a particular audio track.


WhatsApp are testing rich previews of documents eg preview of photo where a pdf includes a photo or image.

Useful resources

Best Practices for More Accurate Reporting and Better Performance www.facebook.com

Meta estimate — in aggregate — that they’ve closed the underreporting of iOS web conversions from 15% in September down to approximately 8%.

Want to rank higher in Explore on Instagram?


Instagram says: Explore is populated by what you enjoy seeing, based on your interaction history and activity.

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