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How to get visitors to use your website

If you own a website, you may have implemented strategies, such as SEO, keywords and social media tactics, to get people to visit your website. The key to a successful website is not simply to get new visitors but to have those visitors use your website. Whether you want them to read your blog, sign up for a newsletter or make purchases, your website design can have a significant influence on whether you visitors will take action or not. Your website should appeal to visitors on an intuitive level and should be easy to use.

Visitors go with what they know

Visitors to websites are more likely to take action on the site if they feel they know what to do. This means they can simply work with the site without having to think about how to use it. Although you may want to have a site with a lot of fantastic features, these features should not require any new effort from the visitor. Just as we all know what to do when we open a book, a website should be clear and simple without requiring the visitor to figure anything out before using it. Every time a visitor needs to think about how to access something, it robs valuable attention from the site.

Differences in technical knowledge

There may be some people visiting your site who have vast technical knowledge, whereas others do not have very much experience with the latest technological developments. The design of your website may hinge on the kind of visitors you have. If your website sells software for technical professionals, such as web programmers and app developers, your website can be more complex in its structure. If you have visitors whose technical proficiency comprises of internet searches and social media updates, it is best to make your own website that is user-friendly for all visitors.

Getting to know your visitor

To get an idea of what kind of visitors your site attracts, see what web interests your visitors have. Observe what kind of places they visit and other sites they have liked. You can also encourage them to leave feedback on how they find your site and if they feel the directions are clear or not. Feedback and comparing your site with others your visitors go to can help you refine your design and make it accessible.

Making your site easy to use

The design of the site can make it easy to use. The logo on the corner should take users back to the homepage. The “Contact” link should always be clearly seen in the navigation menu. The footer of each page should also contain a link for contact information. Keep in mind that text is aligned left can be easier to read that right-aligned text. Make sure that your site has plenty of help messages and tips. Give directions on how to perform tasks on the site even if the functions seem simple.

While you may be tempted to revamp the design of your site, be careful about making radical changes. People who are attracted to a site get used to a certain design or format, so before making alterations, make sure they will help users.

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