How to contact Facebook

Update 12/11/15: I’ve been informed by Facebook today that the link only works if you’ve advertised with Facebook in the past 6 months so therefore you have to be logged in to Facebook when using clicking it. If you haven’t advertised or are logged out then you’ll be redirected to

Compared with other social networks Facebook can be difficult to contact when you’ve got a question or a problem. You might find that many of the links you discover through Google or even Facebook Help no longer work or are inappropriate. When you do eventually get in touch it can take some time to receive a response.

As business people in 2015 we expect efficient customer services but with 1.5 billion customers and 50 million Pages, it’s tough for Facebook to keep on top of communications.

A massive step in the right direction is a new place for small businesses to get in touch. It’s located in their Facebook for Business section and here’s the link: Contact Facebook

What’s more, the stated response time is within 24 hours. The new service is predictably Facebook Ads focussed but there are options to get in touch with a wide variety of Facebook Page issues such as changing your Page’s name, merging Pages and technical issues. Plus there’s a generic ‘none of the above’ option too.

So the next time you have a Facebook query use this link: Contact Facebook or of course get in touch with me and I help you as best as I can.

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