Gü Puds groovy UK Facebook Page

A great example of creating engagement by tapping into current events is provided by the Gü Puds UK Facebook Page. They are running a ‘A Diamond A Day For 60 Days’ competition to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Every day for 60 days a £1000 diamond necklace is up for grabs. Entrants have to submit a code obtained from special packs of Gü onto the competition Facebook tab.

The Page takes advantage of the cover photo to raise awareness of the competition and to encourage fans to enter with a clear instruction of ‘CLICK THE BOX BELOW TO ENTER YOUR CODE’ and the tab is clearly labelled with ‘CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE’. All icons and images are designed really nicely.

Also, worthy of a mention is the House Rules tab. The vast majority of brands don’t have an equivalent but it’s good practice. Those with House Rules tend to be negative and bland. Gü Puds is well designed and stresses the positives of the Page rather than being a list of ‘don’ts’. For example, ‘We encourage you to visit at any time and leave comments, photos, videos and links’.

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