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Facebook Communities Summit coming to London in 2018

Here’s the replay of Monday 27 November’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff, Wales. Facebook announced there was going to be a Community Summit in London in February 2018 plus there were 14 other social media news stories below plus insights in italics including announcements of new features. Plus as usual there’s Headline, Question Time, Tip Of The Week, Tools Talk plus Number of the Week.

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Headline – This week’s headline that caught my eye was the title of an Infographic created by MicroCreatives which highlighted some marketing trends that are set to dominate in 2018 – Live videos, Influencer marketing, Visualised content, Personalisation, Tightened security and Chatbots.
Top tip – Select your appropriate Facebook Page template by going to Settings/Edit Page.
Tools Talk  Todoist is a great online tool and app for managing tasks – https://en.todoist.com
Number of the week – 252,200. South Korean boy band BTS will enter next year’s Guinness Book of Records for having an average of 252,200 retweets per tweet on Twitter to date.

1. Facebook Communities Summit is coming to London on February 8 and 9, 2018.
2. There’s a new “Create fundraiser” function on charity pages. A great help for supporters and charities alike.

Facebook fundraiser

3. The “Create fundraiser” function mentioned above can also be accessed via Support Charity under the Compose a post box.

Facebook support charity

4. Facebook is testing new ‘mention a friend’ button in Comments. Selecting the button brings up your friends list, which you can then scroll through and tag as appropriate. Not sure this has much benefit. I’d prefer it if FB fixed the existing glitchy tagging feature.

5. 4K image resolution is now supported allowing Messenger users to share more detailed photos.
6. PayPal’s have launched a Messenger extension that adds a new ability to send invoices via Messenger. Looks like this is US only at the moment. Look forward to it being available in the UK.
7. Borrowing once again from Snap Streaks, Facebook is testing Messenger Streaks which reminds people to message again once they’ve messaged friends a number of days in a row. Irritating rather than useful.

8. Instagram are testing starred messages that you can follow-up later. Handy.
9. Viewers can now send a request to join Instagram Live. Will this function also be coming to Facebook Live?

10. Previously mentioned in The #SocialMediaShow, the Resume Assistant is now available in Word for those on the Office Insider program (apply here to join). An option to switch off and on is also now available in LinkedIn settings.

?Learn LinkedIn at your own pace


11. Twitter is testing embedded tweets without Like and Retweet buttons. Odd choice to remove useful functionality but not the first strange decision Twitter have made.
12. Twitter is testing a terminology change trying ‘Talking about this’ in place of Reply.
13. Twitter is testing vertical scrolling on Twitter Moments (Stories for Twitter) for apps. This would makes it consistent with the rest of Twitter although different from Stories from Facebook and Instagram stories which scroll horizontally.
14. Twitter is testing a tweetstorm feature which allows you to publish several tweets at the same time. Of no interest to me.
15. A ‘Save later’ feature is definitely coming and will be called…Bookmarks. Should prove useful.

And finally:

Was this tweet a mistake by McDonalds or guerilla marketing? In any event it worked for them.

My favourite reply was from Wendy’s.

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