Businesses are paying Facebook over $4bn per month

Here’s the replay of Monday 5 February’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff. I cover the week’s social media news including Facebook’s latest results plus Headline, Question Time, Tools Talk,Tip Of The Week, Number of the Week and Word of the Week.

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The show notes below contain relevant links mentioned in The #SocialMediaShow.

Headline: WHAT THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL VIDEOS OF 2017 CAN TEACH US – Lots of great learning points in this article on Tubularinsights.com
Question Time:  Do you have a Facebook Group or are you planning on creating one this year?
Tools Talk: Promo by Slidely – great tool for short promo videos or video ads
Tip Of The Week: Control what you see on your Facebook News Feed. Select the 3 dots on a post to hide post/page/person, snooze post/page/person for 30 days or unfollow.
Word of the Week: SOCIAL GRAPH Google dictionary – “A representation of the interconnection of relationships in an online social network.” More specifically, each user has a unique map of connections and therefore a unique social graph. Graphs are composed of two types of connections. The first type of connection is two-way, where both users accept the association (such as friends on Facebook). The second type of relationship is one way, where a user can choose to follow the activities of an individual without that user’s permission (eg Twitter).
Number Of The Week: 60 billion messages are sent every day on WhatsApp.

1) Facebook has reported a profit for the year of nearly $16 billion.
2) Revenue for advertising is now up around 50% to an staggering $4.26 billion per month.
3) There are now 2.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook, up from 2.06 billion.
4) There was a reduction of 700,000 daily active users in the U.S. and Canada. First time numbers have been down.
5) In his Facebook post about the results there was an interesting comment from Mark Zuckerberg – “We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps”. Does this mean the end of the News Feed?
6) More on the News Feed ‘major change’ from Mark Zuckerberg…Facebook will now prioritize news items from users’ local towns or cities in the news feed. This update is first rolling out in the U.S. and then in more countries over the year. Builds on a new section called ‘Today In’.
7) Morgan Stanley surveyed 1,400 US consumers in December, and 40% of Facebook users indicated they view Watch videos on a weekly basis but there’s no launch date for the UK yet.
8) The Facebook Communities Summit takes place on Friday in London so watch for announcements about Facebook Groups.

9) Facebook is developing chatbots with a “consistent personality” and the ability to carry on better conversations. Bots are becoming more human!

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10) Instagram has a new API which allows scheduling with official partners like Hootsuite but only for business profiles. In time this new API will include the ability to analyze performance metrics and insights, moderate comments, view other businesses’ profile info and media, and more.
11) Rumour has it that video calling is coming to Instagram. Could it be built into direct messaging functionality?
12) TYPE mode which is basically text only Stories has been launched this week. It allows users to incorporate unique text styles, different background colors, and highlight words and phrases to create text-only stories. Type mode can also be layered over any photo or video in stories.
13) According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories now has around 300 million daily active users. Pretty much the same as the total number of Twitter users.

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14) You can now receive individual notifications on your smartphone if you’re running Android Oreo.
15) WhatsApp has now passed 1.5 billion active monthly users.
16) WhatsApp has added Apple’s in-vehicle connectivity system, CarPlay to the app.

17) LinkedIn Workforce Report for UK Dec 2017 shows that the hiring rate in December 2017 was 4 percent lower than the month before, suggesting that the U.K. ended 2017 with a slowing labour market.

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18) Twitter testing a ‘camera first’ function in the style of Snapchat.
19) Twitter is rolling out a new tool powered by machine learning that crops pictures on tweets to feature the more interesting parts of the images.
20) Anthony Noto, Chief Operations Officer of Twitter who was rumoured to be leaving has now left.
21) Twitter now says 1.4m people interacted with Russian trolls in relation to the US Election in 2016 – up from their original estimate of 700k.
22) You can now search all tweets with a new API. This new premium API endpoint, called Full-Archive Search, will offer all tweets from all time to the wider developer community.

23) Pinterest is hiring former Google computer vision research lead Chuck Rosenberg.

24) Carousel style ads are now available on Instagram Stories. Advertisers can now add up to 3 images/videos rather than just 1.
25) Cryptocurrency ads are now banned on Facebook.
26) If you thought you were seeing more ads on your Facebook feed you’d be right. Number of ads on Facebook is up 15% in 2017 compared with 2016.

Lidl has launched a wine bot called Margot on the UK Facebook Page – To try it out go to the Page and click Send Message then Get Started and then Start Wine Bot. Have fun!

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