A free ad for your Facebook Page

Facebook Page Admins have recently been complaining about a number of changes that negatively impact their marketing efforts but here’s some news to cheer them and all Facebook Page owners up. The rule that limited use of text on cover photos to just 20% has been scrapped. It was a rule that was regularly broken by brands (including some big ones) but you can now legitimately use your cover photo as an ad.

In new guidelines Facebook published on 1 July there is no mention of the 20% rule. Hat tip to Facebook platform Tabsite who spotted the change.

The change means that if you wish, you can fill your entire cover photo with text promoting your products, services or business. So effectively, with the cover taking up around a third of most screens, you can create a large free Facebook ad for your business. It’s worth bearing in mind though that a stunning photo may have more impact than an ugly cover chock full of text so make sure any design including text looks good. Try different cover photos and gauge reaction. A cover photo change is notified to fans of your Page so you can compare Comments and Likes on different options.

Here’s an example of text being used on my JPFestival.com Facebook Page cover photo along with an arrow point to a Tab displaying a special offer.

With restriction on the amount of text lifted, there is more scope for creativity. Any combination of photos, images and text can be used. If you are a dab hand at using an image editor like Photoshop, go ahead and give it a try. If your a novice when it comes to photo editing try Canva which comes with a custom sized template for a cover photo, a great photo library and easy to use editing. Alternatively, I can arrange for your own customised cover photo for as little as £40. Let me know if I can help.

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