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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has experienced rapid growth in the past decade and is well on its way to overtaking conventional advertising. More than three billion people in the world use social media, and they are all using social media to connect with different brands. If your business is not online or using social media marketing, you need to know 10 benefits of social media marketing.

1.    Cost-Effective

Social media marketing is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. Signing up to most social media platforms is free. If you decide to embark on paid promotions, they are cost-effective compared to other conventional marketing strategies.

You can achieve ROI (Return on Investment) faster and set aside a larger chunk of money for other business expenses.

2.    Improves Brand Awareness

Social media platforms rank highly among the ways you can gain brand awareness due to the sheer number of people on these platforms. Once you create social media accounts and profiles for your brand, you can immediately start posting and engaging with existing and potential customers.

Each shared post will reach a different network of people who are potential customers. Posting regularly and engaging with the public will create an awareness of your product or service much more than word of mouth or other strategies can.

3.    Brand Authority and Positioning

Social media advertising will give your brand authority and position it above other brands. When people see your brand logo, they can recognize it at first glance. A logo design service company will come in handy for your logo design. If you would rather design your own logo, this logo maker is easy to use and costs you nothing. Designing a logo needs careful thought as it should portray your brand values, be appealing to the eye and easy to remember

4.    Improves Search Engine Rankings

As you post and engage with the public on your social media, your brand will generate traffic, but you need more than just traffic. SEO (Search engine optimization) is a crucial aspect for marketing of your business as it gets you better page rankings and in turn more traffic.

Using keywords in your content will help rank you high enough to get you on the search engines’ first pages. Content such as infographics, blogs, or videos will make your page more interesting, but ensure that your content is high quality. Within no time, you will build a sizeable following of people who will be liking and sharing your content

5.    Better Brand Loyalty

Most brands with a robust online personality and are actively engaged with their customers on social media and have stronger brand loyalty. Most millennials or people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s are the most loyal customers, with most of them spending a lot of time online.

6.    Customer Satisfaction

Social media is a reliable communication and networking channel. By creating a company page or profile, you give your brand a voice that humanizes it. Customers appreciate being able to relate to a brand. Having their questions answered personally, rather than getting an automated response means a lot to them and shows you care about them.

7.    Analyzing your Competition

Whatever industry you are in, your competition is likely to be already established on social media. Businesses share a lot online, so it is easy to see what your competition is up to. To keep up with your competitors, go to their social media channels and compare how their businesses are presented, what promotions they have, and what is new or upcoming, and what their customers are saying.

8.    Get Instant Feedback

Gone are the days when you actively seek out customers in surveys to ask them what they thought about your business or ask them to fill out forms. Customers look for your social media page and leave reviews nowadays, whether they are compliments or complaints. You see these comments immediately and should sort out any issues immediately.

9.    Higher Conversion Rates

On social media, your business has more visibility, which translates to higher conversion rates. Every post you put up can increase traffic by leading people to your company website. Combined with the human approach mentioned above, this gives your brand a more personal feel and it becomes easier to get customers.

10. Gives you Room for Creativity

Social media platforms allow you to be creative because of the many ideas you can get online, either from competitors or customer suggestions. Customer complaints can also give you some ideas on how to provide a better service.


Social media marketing has many benefits, but the major takeaway is brand visibility; it accords your brand. Taking advantage of social media will grow your business faster than mainstream advertising. To learn more get in touch to learn how social media trainer, Jonathan Pollinger can help your business obtain these benefits. If you’re a B2B company looking for social media services check out my second business – Boost Social Agency.

Ask JP – Free 10 mins of social media training

Ask JP – FREE 10 mins of social media training

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