Social Media Navigator

Social Media Navigator provides AI powered social media advice and tips.

You can use Social Media Navigator to obtain advice on tips on using social media for business. Type in your social media question or request below. Enter as much information, details and context as you can. The more you input, the more personalised and better your answer will be. This AI chatbot has been trained on content owned by Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer as well as other reputable social media experts and websites.

Example questions:

  • What are the latest social media trends and what lessons can a business learn from them?
  • I run a business that sells and want to attract more customers. Can social media help me?
  • Can you give me 6 actionable tips on improving my LinkedIn Profile?
  • Is LinkedIn Premium worth the cost?
  • How can I grow my followers on Instagram?

Note: Like all AI tools, Social Media Navigator can make mistakes. Consider contacting me to confirm accuracy of information and for additional help.