Tweet Deck and HootSuite latest

If you want to make the most of Twitter for business you need a social media dashboard like TweetDeck or HootSuite. They have a number of advantages over the main benefits being the ability to:

  1. Set up columns for listening for terms related to your business
  2. Post to multiple social networks

TweetDeck has improved its navigation by making it easier for you to move between columns with a new central Columns button. You can move left or right with a single click of the left and right arrows or select the central Columns and then the keyword required to go straight to its column. For me tweets are more readable in TweetDeck. A small but nice to have recent improvement is that hashtags are now hyperlinked in the Bio section of profiles, just as they are on

Users of HootSuite can now post to Google+ as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn thus providing a central place for management of all the major social networks. This is a big plus for Hoot Suite as Tweet Deck users can only post to Facebook and Twitter.

Both are really useful tools and one or the other are highly recommended if you’re serious about your social networking.

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