10 tips on sharing your blog posts

If you’re blogging you’ll want to attract as many readers as possible to read and engage with your content. The two best ways to achieve this are to share your content across your social network and to encourage others to do the same. Here are 10 tips to encourage sharing and increase readership:

  1. Share your latest blog post – Be sure to share your latest blog post across all your social networks. If your using WordPress you can use a plugin such as Publicize to automatically share a post when it’s published.
  2. Share older updates – If you’ve been blogging for a while you’ll have interesting posts that are still relevant, so make sure to recycle your old posts by sharing them.
  3. Share to Pinterest – Don’t forget Pinterest which is a great network for driving traffic to your blog. Include an attractive and engaging image in your blog post before pinning it to a Pinterest board.
  4. Add photos to your blog links – Spice up your posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter by adding photos to your blog links to make them more attractive.
  5. Use mentions and tagging – If you’re referring to people and companies use mentions to draw their attention to your posts. Don’t forget that LinkedIn now has mentions and you can mention using the + symbol on Google+.
  6. Include social sharing buttons –  Make it easy for readers to share your blog posts by including social share buttons as well as a Buffer share button.
  7. Encourage tweeting of blog content – Use clicktotweet to encourage people to tweet quotes from your blog posts.
  8. Ask people to share at end of blog posts – Here’s a simple but effective tactic: In your newsletters or at the end of blog posts ask people to share eg retweet.
  9. Set up Google+ authorship – To make your blog links appear more attractive in Google Search results and to improve your ranking add Google+ Authorship to your blog.
  10. Focus on what’s popular – Use socialcrawlytics to discover which articles are being shared the most from your blog AND from your competitors blogs and websites. You can then focus on this content. You can also see which social networks are being shared to the most and focus on these.

If you have any other tips on sharing blog posts please add them to the Comments below. Thank you.



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