Start your own TV station!

Great news from Google last week with the announcement that Hangouts on Air are now available for all Google+ users following a trial with selected partners. Hangouts are an amazing feature of Google+ which enable you to hold a video conference with up to nine other people. More about Hangouts and why you should be using them in this previous post – Have you tried Google+ Hangouts?

The two key benefits of Hangouts On Air are:

Ability to broadcast live – you can now broadcast your live Hangout from your Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website to anyone with an internet connection.

Automatic recording and sharing – your Hangout is recorded automatically on Google+ and on YouTube and of course you can embed on your website and share across your social networks.

It really is like having your own internet TV station and there are no setup costs! There are numerous uses for Hangouts On Air – great for training, conferences, sharing of ideas and concerts.

The next #wearesocialclub featuring a Social Media Q and A with me and music from Juey will be broadcast live from 6.30pm on Thursday 31 May at, on my YouTube channel and on Google+.

To learn more about Hangouts and other features of Google+ come along to my workshop next Wednesday in Maxet House, Cheltenham. It’s £87 including lunch.

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