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How to improve your Facebook Page: 20 actionable tips

On Monday 11 February’s The #SocialMediaShow I provided 20 actionable tips to help improve your Facebook Page. Watch the replay above to view the tips and see how to action each one via a screenshare demo.

Here are the 20 tips plus bonus tip!

1) Add a unique web address/user name
2) Have more than one admin
3) Get your Page verified
4) Add logo as profile picture
5) Regularly change cover – use videos and slideshow. Add text eg a testimonial
6) Change Action button from Send Message to Learn More etc or Donate if you’re a charity.
7) Fill out the About section adding contact details, keywords and links
8) Create Milestones
9) Setup Response Assistant and Messenger Greeting under Messaging in Settings
10) Complete Our Story and add links to text
11) Make sure you have an appropriate template for your business
12) Ensure you have relevant Tabs and that there’s in the right order. Use custom tabs for competitions – see me for how!
13) Make sure Discover Visibility is set to On under Messenger Platform so your business can be found in Messenger
14) Set up Services or a Shop if appropriate but not both
15) Choose a Featured Video and setup Playlists under the Video tab
16) Setup Featured Pages
17) Connect your Instagram account
18) Connect your Facebook Group
19) Setup Pages to Watch under Insights
20) Add Reviews section if appropriate

BONUS TIP: Add Events

The #SocialMediaShow is primarily aimed at small businesses  and social media professionals. It’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media for your business, organisation or charity.

If you have any questions on your Facebook Page or any aspect of social media, please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the video.

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