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How to communicate on LinkedIn

You can communicate on LinkedIn via Messages to first degree connections in your network or via InMail to anyone if you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. This feature alone makes it worth considering upgrading as it’s hugely powerful to be able to directly message most of the 470 million members of LinkedIn. I say most because a small minority of people, typical high profile, choose to block approaches via InMail.

Here are five tips providing advice on how to craft your messages so you can communicate effectively on LinkedIn:

1) Introduce first, sell later – There are plenty of sales messages being sent and received on LinkedIn so you have to do something different. Make sure you introduce yourself and explain how you can help the recipient of the message if they’re a prospect. Don’t launch straight into your sales pitch.

2) Be personal – LinkedIn is just like a network meeting, albeit a very large one, so behave how you would in a face to face meeting. That is, don’t be a robot! Personalise approaches to people by using their first name and giving a reason why you wish to connect. When responding to an invitation to connect, send a thank you message.

3) Make a good first impression – Give some thought to your subject line. Get straight to the point and don’t be vague. For example, “Ecommerce opportunity” is better than “Meeting”.

4) Be concise – Don’t waffle in the body of your message. Keep your message clear, purposeful and concise – less is more.

5) Reference commonalities – Build your relationship by mentioning common threads such as a shared contact, the same past employer or even someone who works in a similar location. If you’re messaging a prospecting client,  an ideal commonality is a mutual contact who is one of your clients. You can then mention that you can help your prospect in the same way that you’ve helped your mutual contact.

6) Offer something of value – Always provide value. For example, when sending an invitation to connect, refer to your LinkedIn posts and articles that your prospective connections will receive if they accept your connection request.

7) Use the mobile app – It’s a quick and easy way to keep in touch with your existing contacts and to make new ones – download Android or iOS.

8) Make use of the new conversation starter feature – Conversation starters can help you spark a conversation or surface a fact you didn’t know about the person you’re intending to communicate with. Best not to use the suggested text as this isn’t authentic but this new feature is useful as a prompt.

There are plenty of experts out there who can advice specifically on communication and an interesting approach is charisma coaching which helps you demonstrate your integrity and authenticity whilst boosting confidence when you communicate.

The above communication tips should help you grow your network and your business on LinkedIn. For further help check out the online LinkedIn Workshops I run with Louise Jenner – The Dream Job Coach and of course, connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking the button below.

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