Facebook launch two new Events features

Facebook Events are a great way to spread awareness of your event and to encourage attendees to come along. Following on from introduction of recurring events at the end of last year there are two new features that make Facebook Events even more attractive to event organisers.

Firstly, the small profile size photo has been replaced with a much larger banner image or cover photo across the top, bringing events more into line with Profiles and Pages and their cover photos. Annoyingly, the cover photo size has already changed once since launch but is currently at 714 x 264 pixels. It will be scaled down to thumbnail size when your event appears in News Feeds, on Timelines or in Facebook Ads. By using an eye-catching photo you can really make your event stand out or add text to an image to provide more information about your event.

Secondly, if you are selling tickets you can now add a link to your booking system. Previously, you could add your booking link to the event description but you can now add a link which is displayed with a Buy Tickets label and icon (see above). The name of the booking system is also displayed in brackets on the right. This change should encourage people to buy tickets for your event as it makes the option stand out.

Whatever event you’re running and even if you have a booking and invite system set up elsewhere eg Bookwhen (affiliate link) or Eventbrite it’s worth considering setting up an event on Facebook too to raise awareness further and to encourage additional bookings.

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